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Dave Kushal, a blogger, made an entry quoting airline industry consultant Nicholas Bredimus in 2004 about the incompetence of airlines.

The Thomson Gale business profiling service offers a resource page for Nicholas Bredimus, a long-time airline industry executive and consultant. Nicholas Bredimus once operated a software firm called Bredimus Systems in Coppell, TX.

PR Web, the newswire service, carries a story from May 2005 called "Out the Window (Revenue Integrity Improves at British Airways PLC)" that mentions Nicholas Bredimus.

A press release about's staff includes Nicholas Bredimus as a contact.

Thomson Gale's Alacra Store Web site offers a profile of Nicholas Bredimus, a Dallas business man at one time in his career as an airline industry executive and software consultant.

The Churn blog carries a profile of Bredimus Systems, which was the company operated by Nicholas Bredimus for many years in the Dallas, TX area. Bredimus, then living in Coppell, TX (near Dallas), was a business man who operated a software consulting firm for the airline industry.

Nicholas Bredimus is quoted in a message posted to the justNcase group in October 2005.

The SkyTrax discussion group mentions Nicholas Bredimus in one of its messages.

The methodiquill blog published a profile of Nicholas Bredimus in June 2006.

An archived message from the rota_blog discussion group mentions Nicholas Bredimus in a description of an article about the government case against ValuJet.

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